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Time is money, friend! July 3, 2009

Posted by rusquel in General.
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Grinding is a waste of time, and therefore money. QED.

Of course this is not news to anyone. But let me explain…

Having started a warrior and druid with the Refer-a-Friend bonus (300% exp) the Significant Other and I managed to power through to level 58 fairly quickly, at which point we promtply purchased the expansion packs, and re-rolled DKs. Fairly standard attitude for new players I imagine! Having since worked on those DKs for the last couple of months, our R-a-F bonus has expired (only lasts 90 days). Unfortunately it expired right in the midst of our pally grind – at least we got them to 21 before it ran out. We had completed the Draenei starting zones, and (for sentimentality reasons) I suggested Duskwood as the next target for leveling. It was either that or Ashenvale, and while Ashenvale is a fun place, I really enjoyed the story arcs and quests chains in Duskwood the first time around.