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Your rested bonus has expired July 2, 2009

Posted by rusquel in General.
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I have missed the rested bonus, and the little purple numbers of experience popping up on my screen after each kill/quest/discovery, ever since I dinged 80 on my death knight. He’s currently 19,345 points on his way to 81, and looks to stay there until WoW 4.0 or whenever Blizzard decide to start the treadmill to 90.

So what now? I’ve been 80 for almost a month now. Done all the Heroics, got some loot, missed out on some more. Sunk a cool 5k just to fly around Northrend at speeds greater than retarded snail, then another 1k to dual-spec. Got the Bronze Drake off Heroic CoS to look a bit nicer when I fly off Dun Nifflehem for my daily cash grind. Decided I actually enjoy PvP and picked up a full set of gear costing thousands of honour, and countless days spamming Alterac Valley repeatedly. Got the [Epic] achievement, and a full complement of shiny purples. But now what?