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Death Knight

Death Knights can put out some excellent DPS if they are specced correctly, and have the right gear. As far as Best in Slot gear goes, there are better threads on this at Elitist Jerks, and for BiS gear at lower levels head over to maxDPS, plug in your preferences and voila! Too easy.

I am Blood specced. This was how I levelled, and it has the rotations that I am most familiar with. I dabbled with Unholy DPS for a bit – but then the Significant Other and I looked almost identical: same gear, same pet ghoul, same rotations and spec. As far as leveling is concerned, both have pros: Blood has an unbeatable self-heal (which can be improved, and glyphed to heal party members) while Unholy has a ghoul who makes the grind to 80 a bit less lonely. Up to you, but I’m going to concentrate on Blood DPS for the moment.

Blood is the spec best-suited for single target DPS. This works well in groups, where you can follow the Tank’s marks, and can burn down bosses faster than most other classes. Blood Presence has some nice little self-heals which won’t help if you pull threat, but are good for soaking up some mild AoE. Blood Tap is the mainstay of leveling in Blood, but you’ll need to ditch it when you hit 80. In fact any class can do with a good resepc at 80 – perfect time to re-evaluate earlier decisions made in haste, or without the ‘big picture’ in mind.

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