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Oh Noes! I rolled a Druid! July 23, 2009

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And so it begins again. The warlock has been chillin in Felwood for about a week now (unfortunately Felwood is lacking in Inns, so no rested bonus for me) while greens for disenchanting have been piling up in his mailbox. Why you ask? I have rolled a druid. Playing through this time with the Significant Other (who has rolled a mage) has been another very different experience.

She can really put out the ranged DPS. Mages are awesome nukes. I’ve always been on the receiving end of their abilities (and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mage in a heroic before) but they can put the smack down hard. Which has left me in something of a quandry. After 10 levels of barely suriving caster form, I (like all level 10 druids) switched to bear form. Fresh bear druids can always be found dancing in Auberine or Darnassus, I think because they realise they aren’t so squishy anymore, and because the bear dance is so cute! If only we could wear little hats while we danced…

Quickly, though, I realised that even given the mage’s DPS and my survivability we would have to break and rest/eat/drink after every couple of fights. In Wetlands (why did we quest there? I have nfi – I hate the place) if we got ganked by more than 2-3 mobs at once, we would be cactus. Getting tricky didn’t seem to help, because if I switched forms to heal, I still had aggro, and the easiest plan was for me to tank and die, while the mage ran like hell.

Not an ideal situation. Then I tried using cat form. Life is SO much better now. Sure the mage gets smacked around a little more than before. But with Mage Armor she is fairly well protected (at least as protected as me in leather) and who cares, when I can switch forms to heal us, then switch back. Once I pick up Furor in the Resoration talent tree (much later) switching forms will be more ‘worthwhile’ and downtime will be non-existant. So a warning to those out there. DON’T LEVEL BEAR PAST 20. Simple. Even if you’re with a clothy and you like taking threat. Everything dies much quicker as cat. Nonetheless it’s all good practice for when I’ll inevitably have to tank some instance along the way…

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