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Sartharion Goes Down July 19, 2009

Posted by rusquel in Death Knight, Raids.
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First apologies. It’s been a crazy week of work here, and I went away for the weekend. Excuses, excuses, but still.

Secondly, just a little shout out to myself. Last night I joined in a guild run with some good friends of mine and we took out Sartharion. I know Obsidian Sanctum is a little raid, but still it felt good to *finally* get my DK out and about, and see him contribute to a tough fight. I thought it would never happen.

Initially we tried to pull Sartharian+1 (Tenebron) but the adds were just too difficult. Four wipes and we take them down separately. Nothing too crash hot drops, but my pal scores a 22-slot bag. But I didn’t care a bit. The thrill! The excitement! The exhilaration! I was putting out around 3-3.5k DPS on Sartharion, and that was with occasional ‘run away from the walls of lava’ moments. Forgot to take screenshots in all that excitement, but I’m sure we’ll all be back again there sooner or later. I’ve read that Tenebron is the easiest +1 to start off with, but the tricky part will be to keep on off-tank on him and the adds he spawns so that DPS can burn him down. Next time, eh?

Big shout out to the folks at <Celestial Being> on Saurfang who took me along!

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