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Emblem changes in Patch 3.2 July 10, 2009

Posted by rusquel in General.
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This has ignited a rather furious debate. Both sides of the argument (people are fairly firmly divided and are either for it or vehemently against it) have salient points. On the other hands, I don’t like the taste of their morality. I know I’m weighing in late, but here’s my two cents.

Arguments For:

  • allows alts to be geared up faster;
  • acts as a ‘soft reset’ for gear in the lead up (presumably) to the final raids of WotLK, such as Arthas/Icecrown;
  • can be used to speed up progression through the later raids; and
  • will make it easier to find groups willing to run heroic 5mans.

Arguments Against:

  • raiders spent a great deal of time getting this high tier gear, and now it’s being superseded/handed out like candy;
  • it has no point, as players running heroics don’t need better gear until they move past Naxx 10man;
  • it’s unfair to force players used to bleeding-edge content to return to heroics they have played through millions of time.

Neither of these lists are complete. For fuller explorations of both sides, visit respective bloggers. You know who you are. Let me just say this much. I am for it.


The emblems/gear are not going to be handed out like candy. We are not going to wake up post-3.2 with a full set of Tier 8.5 gear in all our mailboxes. If a player is going to collect enough emblems to collect the 2 pieces of set gear from the vendor, they will spend a great deal of time doing so.

If people spend that much time, they might as well just go raid properly? Some people may play an awful lot, but not to a particular (or someone else’s imposed) schedule. If I decided to go out to dinner, or go watch a movie tonight, I don’t want to leave 24 other people in the lurch. So if you’re not going to raid why do you need Tier 8.5 gear? I don’t need it. But have you honestly tried to get into a raiding guild/PuG these days? You need to have completed Naxx 25man, have the Epic gear achievement and be kitted out in Tier 9 stuff it seems. I’m fine in my iLevel 200 stuff, but apparently that isn’t good enough for Naxx 10man these days. Your hypocrisy tastes bitter.

On that note, we have all noticed (at some points) that WoW is a game. I play it to enjoy myself. It isn’t Real Life. I don’t need to work at the same firm for 30 years, backstab any potential threats and asskiss my way to senior partner. I get to do that 9-5, Monday to Friday. I’m not asking for ‘gear-welfare’ here, but to deny shiny purples to me ‘because I don’t need it’ is a ridiculous argument. IRL I don’t need a bigger house, or a car, or an overseas holiday to Europe. I might want them dearly, but that doesn’t change their inaccessibility. In this game if I can put effort in, in my own time in my own way, why can’t I be rewarded? It is the rather curious mindset of the ‘haves’ hate of the ‘havenots’ – is this where the American Dream has landed us?

When you ‘finished’ TBC and downed Kil’jaeden he dropped loot didn’t he? All the shiny iLevel 164 stuff right? What did you do with it? Scorn it as loot you didn’t need, since you could take him with what you already had, why did you need better gear now? I doubt it. Shame on you all. When they next expansion happens (if? when?) all this gear will be put to shame by the quest scrubs they hand out to every fresh 78.


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